2015 A Year in Review (Read-olution and Goodreads Challenge Results)

This year was an amazing one for me, with a lot of changes in my life and on the blog. I had to stop doing the Waiting on Wednesday posts at some point during the year simply because I was so busy working and volunteering and dating that I wasn’t leaving myself any time to look forward to any books.  I switched to posted my Stacking the Shelves posts once a month because it was taking up a lot of time and I was shopping for books less and less. These changes were really beneficial for me just in terms of saving time and stress for myself. I’ve reviewed a lot of exciting books this year, and read some others that didn’t get reviews on the blog (especially comics), so I feel like the blog has been filled with content that I feel quite proud of.

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2015 New Years Read-olutions and Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

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So I saw this over at The Readingdesk Reviews and decided I’d also do it. Basically the idea is to pick the 10 books you really want to read in the new year. I have at least 100 books in storage here that I haven’t read so this is a great way to reflect on my book purchases and remind myself of some of the ones I really want to read.

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