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This week I’ll once again be taking part in Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. The idea of Stacking the Shelves is to talk about the books you’ve bought, borrowed, etc. and show off and talk about your purchases and borrows. This is basically the perfect feature for me because I buy way more books, and read way more books, than I’ll ever be able to review. I’ll most likely talk about the stores I bought the books at as well, especially if they’re independent stores.

This meme is once monthly for me, where I’ll round up what I’ve gotten since last month’s post.

This month I purchased 9 books, 10 comics, I received 2 books on NetGalley, 2 books on Edelweiss, 5 books from publishers, 2 books from authors, borrowed 2 books, and was given 3 books. Check them out below!

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ARC Review: Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers edited by Hazel Newlevant


Title: Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers

Authors: Molly Ostertag, Sara Goetter, Rachel Ordway, Hazel Newlevant, Amanda Scurti, Katie Longua, Anna Anthropy, Jeremy Boydell, K. A. Kelly-Colon, June Vigants, Anna Rose, Kori Michele, Sarah Winifred Searle, Maggie Siegel-Berele, Natalie Dupille, M. K. Reed, Kinoko Evans, Becca Hillburn, Kate Craig, Merritt Kopas, Mia Schwartz, Diana Nock, Liane Pyper, Sarah Stern, Laura Lannes, Yao Xiao, Sera Stanton, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Megan Brennan, Buntoo, Aatmaja Pandya, Elizabeth Simins, Jane Mai, Sophie Yanow, Annie Mok, Jade F. Lee, Miranda Harmon, and Carey Pietsch

Release Date: Today!

Publisher: Alternative Comics

Source: Alternative Comics on Edelweiss  (A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

Check this book out on Goodreads.

Buy at: Chapters | Book Depository

3 stars

Chainmail Bikini is an anthology of comics by and about female gamers! 40 cartoonists have contributed comics about the games they’re passionate about—from video games to table-top role-playing to collectible card games. The comics in Chainmail Bikini explore the real-life impact of entering a fantasy world, how games can connect us with each other and teach us about ourselves. (Source: Goodreads)

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