My reviews are, as the name of my blog suggests, largely going to be me rambling. I will tend to be a little looser with my use of language and not particularly formal. My style is a lot more casual and I’d prefer to talk about the books, and to my readers, in a comfortable and casual voice. Since these will be a bit rambling my reviews will tend to get a little out of hand, and long, but I hope you’ll sit through them all.


My blog will mostly be YA books and graphic novels, but I am willing to read adult fiction as well. I prefer contemporary and will be more likely to accept review requests about contemporary. I will also willingly accept children’s book review requests because I absolutely love children’s books.

I am less likely to accept science fiction or fantasy reviews, but I definitely will to give them a try. I will be unlikely to review erotica, non-fiction, or paranormal books.

I will  accept a review request if the book is a physical copy or an e-book request. All books will have a review posted one week, to the day, prior to the books release date, unless a date is specified by the publisher.

All review requests should be sent in the form of an e-mail to kimber.thebookramble@gmail.com.


No content from this blog may be reproduced or used elsewhere without the owner of this blog’s express consent.

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