Hi everyone,

I announced a while back that I would be taking a break from the blog and then I very quietly came back, did a ton of reviews and now I’ll be going back on break again.

As my job becomes more demanding I have less and less time to read and even less time to review. When I get the chance I will of course try to post things on here and keep it at least semi-active but I just can’t commit the way I had been doing before.

The next post I can absolute assure will happen will be July 1, my halfway check in on my yearly reading goals. Check back in then! ^.^

Ramble on,


(Update) Just Saying Hi!


So, I’ve been looking over my reviews that I’ve written and planned (enough for the next month!!) and I’ve realized they’re mostly comic books/graphic novels. I’m really sorry about that, I’ve just been in a bit of a comics mood. I’ve recently purchased a lot of really amazing graphic novels and comics and was super excited to read them. There will be a lot of reviews about comics for the next month, I’m sort of sorry, but also not because they were all excellent to read and write about and I hope you guys will still check them out, even if it’s not exactly your thing.

I promise to try and read more novels in the coming weeks so that by January there will be lots of novels to read about here on The Book Ramble.

Ramble on,