2017 A Year in Review (Read-olution and Goodreads Challenge Results) + 2018 Goals

2017 at The Book Ramble has been a small year, with very few reviews, and a lengthy hiatus. Reading is something I’m passionate about, and review books is a hobby of mine that I enjoy but find very time consuming. My job demnds a lot of my time and leaves me with little energy to do much else except try to relax. So I read a lot, but I don’t usually have the energy to review. Unfortunately, I don’t see this changing in 2018 as the business I work for is heading in exciting new directions. I hope that I am still able to deliver you content here that is enjoyable!

You might remember me setting “New Years Read-olutions” at the beginning of this year. I thought I’d take some time to reflect back on those and see how many of the 10 I set I’ve actually managed to accomplish. At the halfway mark I had read 5/10 books. The first was  Recipe for Life by Mary Berry. I absolutely loved this book and it gave me lots to talk about with my friend who had also read it! Next up wasLes Miserables by Victor Hugo. For this 3rd year running I didn’t even touch this one unfortunately. The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien was next. I read about 2 pages of this when I didn’t have another book with me and promptly fell asleep because I was so exhausted. The fourth book was Lois Lane: Double Down by Gwenda Bond. I did not get to this one either. It’s been buried somewhere in the stacks in my room. Fifth was  Trouble Makes a Comeback by Stephanie TromlyI actually read this! It’s super adorable.

So far I’m at 2/5 which is pretty disappointing!

The sixth book was the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Alexander Freed. I didn’t love this, but did read it! Moshi Moshi by Banana Yoshimoto was another I was able to read. Yoshimoto is my favourite author so I wouldn’t miss it! The Batman: Knightfall storyline – I didn’t touch. I think it’s buried somewhere in my room too. Jack Frost by William Joyce was one I still need to buy! Finally The Authority series by Warren Ellis was one I did read and think is essentially reading for the current political climate.

So I accomplished 5/10 goals. This is kind of diappointing especially because I read almost all of them in January. Next year I’ll try to pick things I’m a little more likely to read.

Now, my Goodreads challenge went incredibly well on the surface but was primarily individual comic books. I set a goal of 100 books and I accomplished this goal. My official total was 480 but with the individual comics issues on there I think it’s quite a bit lower. I kept a running tally all year so that I could get an accurate number of books I read. The official total is thus 255 books. I honestly didn’t think I’d reach my goal at all so I’m pretty happy overall.

Now onto my 2018 goals. I will not be setting read-olutions this year because I just can’t guarantee that I’ll read much of anything next year. I will on the other hand be setting a Goodreads Reading Challenge goal this year as I have every other year. My goal for 2018 will be to read 100 books. This year I succeeded but with the coming year my life will be going in a new direction and I simply can’t see myself having much time for reading anymore.

Happy new year everyone!

Ramble on,

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