ARC Review: Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe by Stacy King and Edgar Allen Poe

Title: Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allen Poe

Author: Stacy King and Edgar Allen Poe

Release Date: October 17 (Today!)

Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Source: Udon Entertainment on NetGalley (A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe is a brilliant collection of some of his best-known stories: The Tell Tale Heart (a murder s haunting guilt), The Cask of Amontillado (a story of brilliant revenge), and The Fall of the House of Usher (an ancient house full of very dark secretes). Also included in this collection are The Mask of the Red Death (horrors of the Plague ), and the most famous of all his poems: The Raven (a lover s decline into madness). (Source: Goodreads)

One of the 3 latest Manga ClassicsThe Stories of Edgar Allen Poe was an interesting new addition to the series. This book had some similarities to The Jungle Book since it was a series of stories but I think this was a far superior book to adapt into a manga. The visuals really enhance the story in most cases and really add to the enjoyment of Poe’s work.

Here’s a rundown of the stories included:

“The Tell-Tale Heart” was a striking start to the book with strong imagery and an even stronger aura. The whole story was creepy and the art certainly matched. I zipped through the story in only a few minutes because I was very engaged and the art kept my attention. All talk of the “vulture eye” in particular kept and the art that went with it was some of the best in the story.

“The Cask of Amontillado” took a little while to pick up but that seems to be the nature of the story. I didn’t find the art nearly as interesting in this one either. It was a little too white with not enough use of darkness for most of the story which was disappointing for me. Otherwise though this story is very creepy.

“The Raven” was, while not my favourite part of the book, a fantastic adaptation. The art was great, and spooky. I thought the character design for the man and Lenore were both pretty great. I would have liked it a little darker again, I just think the atmosphere would have been even better, but honestly it was already pretty great.

“The Masque of the Red Death” was an enjoyable story with some very good art. Unfortunately it would really benefit from colour as so much of the splendor of the story comes from the colour and the juxtaposition. I think it was a standout for me but really would have been the star of the show if it had been in colour.

“The Fall of the House of Usher” was probably a bad choice to end the book or, or even include. It was significantly longer than anything else including and draws out for far too long before anything really starts to happen. I thought the art was again very good but it didn’t hold my attention enough to really make me care and I left the book feeling disappointed in it overall because “Usher” was so boring.

I do feel like “The Tell-Tale Heart” was exactly the right place to start with this book. It hooked me immediately and is a huge part of why I’m giving this such a high rating – it was entrancing and well made. The other stories all have great things going on and have excellent art but that first story completely grabs you and has the strongest art in the book.

Overall I highly recommend this book!

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