Mini-ARC Review: Small Favors by Colleen Coover

sfTitle: Small Favors

Author: Colleen Coover

Release Date: April 26

Publisher: Oni Press

Source: Diamond Book Distributors on NetGalley  (A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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2 stars

Small Favors, the critically-acclaimed girly porno comic by Eisner award-winning cartoonist Colleen Coover, is back in print in a deluxe hardcover edition! Join Annie and her tiny taskmaster Nibbil in fun, erotic adventures sure to make you blush.  This omnibus edition will include volumes one and two of Small Favors, the never-before-collected color special, behind-the-scenes materials, and a brand-new introduction. (Source: Goodreads)

Small Favors is a collection of stories about Annie and Nibbil’s sexual adventures. It’s essentially cute lesbian porn with a loose story holding it together. The story being that Nibbil is supposed to be Annie’s conscience guard who is supposed to stop her from masturbating but mostly just has a lot of sex with her. The collection is cute and definitely sexy but I felt like it dragged on too long because it was mostly just…porn and I was all that interested in the dialogue or anything. Maybe it just wasn’t what I was expecting?

In terms of art this book is super cute, but it’s also explicitly sexual as in…there is no page that is SFW. It was kind of like Archie Comics if that was just all porn because it was all these cute vignettes but all of them were just Nibbil and Annie having sex.

The story was kind of pointless, like really Nibbil being her conscience is just there so she can shrink and grow and stuff like that – the plots not really important!

I didn’t really dislike this book it just wasn’t for me. The comics were all very sexy and cute and enjoyable but not really something I’d revisit or even something I really wanted or needed to read. There’s nothing wrong with it and if you’re looking for a fun, sexy romp (or if you liked Lost Girls)I’d definitely recommend it.

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