Stacking the Shelves (45) – Vacation Haul and Free Comic Book Day!

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This week I’ll once again be taking part in Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. The idea of Stacking the Shelves is to talk about the books you’ve bought, borrowed, etc. and show off and talk about your purchases and borrows. This is basically the perfect feature for me because I buy way more books, and read way more books, than I’ll ever be able to review. I’ll most likely talk about the stores I bought the books at as well, especially if they’re independent stores.

This meme is once monthly for me, where I’ll round up what I’ve gotten since last month’s post.

This month I purchased 11 books, 16 comics, I received 1 book on NetGalley, and 7 books from publishers, borrowed 8 books, and got 7 comics on Free Comic Book Day. Check them out below!


This month I purchased 11 books, some of these are from my vacation haul.

soWhile I vacation I bought Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman and J. H. Williams III. I’d just finished reading Death at the time of my vacation and I saw this at a Barnes and Noble and thought I’d pick it up then and not wait. It was a really good return to the series from Gaiman.

scdAt the same time I bought Science Comics: Dinosaurs: Fossils and Feathers by M. K. Reed and Joe Flood. I was surprised by how little I liked this book, my review is here, because it sounded right up my alley. I wish I’d also bought the other Science Comic that they had since these books are readily available in Canada.

jbAt the same Barnes and Noble I picked up The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling. With the new movie out I was curious how these Disney films compare to the source text so I’m interested to get reading this eventually.


While I was away on vacation Rat Queens Vol. 1: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch went on sale back at home. The deal was too good so I ordered it and had a wonderful little gift waiting at home when I got back from vacation. I loved the first trade. So naturally I picked up Rat Queens Vol. 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth as soon as I could. I loved it too. I’ll have to get Vol. 3 soon too.

bpBitch Planet Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro was also part of the sale at the same time as Rat Queens so I ordered it too. Another really good series I recommend.

displacementWhen I ordered the on sale stuff I also added Displacement: A Travelogue by Lucy Knisley just to bring up my total and get free shipping. My review is going to be up eventually, I’ve written it but my blog schedule is all crazy right now, just know that this book is amazing and you should read it.

ua2Immediately after returning from vacation there was a sale at my local comic shop so I picked up Umbrella Academy Vol 2: Dallas by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Another really awesome storyline from the pair.

starfireRecently I decided to give Starfire Vol. 1: Welcome Home by Amanda ConnerJimmy Palmiotti, and Emanuela Lupacchino a shot since the series is ending. I really enjoyed it to be honest, I will be sad to see the series go.

sdasnWhen Summer Days and Summer Nights: Twelve Love Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins came in at work I had to buy it. I loved the previous anthology that Perkins did so I absolutely wanted to read this. I haven’t actually gotten to it yet, but I am excited.

tcI’ve been wanting to read The Twilight Children by Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke for a while so when we got it in I bought it. It was sort of surreal to read this just days before Cooke passed away, and unfortunate that I didn’t really enjoy it. Though Cooke’s art was amazing as always.


This month I purchased 16 comics, some of them being comics I had to pick up after vacation because I couldn’t get to a comic shop while I was away.

 mgadd mgadd7

I bought Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #6 and #7 by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder this month. This series continues to be amazing and adorable. I can’t wait for more.

bc11I also bought Black Canary #11 by Brenden Fletcher. This entire series has taken a nosedive and I no longer feel bad that it got cancelled.

 loww loww6

I bought Legend of Wonder Woman #5 and #6 by Renae de Liz. This series just grows on me more and more with time. It is beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written. (Sorry the links don’t match up perfectly, stupid digital first stuff.)

 batgirl51 batgirl52

A series I’m sad to see not ending but losing it’s amazing team is this one. I bought Batgirl #51 and #52 by Brenden Fletcher and Eleonora Carlini. Carlini did a good enough job for the end of the run, but I miss Babs Tarr.

sblI started a new series with Space Battle Lunchtime #1 by Natalie Riess. I thought it was super cute and I’ll definitely be checking out further issues in the future.

zs3I made a kind of hilarious mistake and repurchased Zodiac Starforce #3 by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau thinking I hadn’t read it yet. So now I have an extra.

 dcb dcb13

I bought DC Comics Bomb shells #12 and #13 by Marguerite BennettMirka AndolfoLaura Braga, and Pasquale Qualano. This series continues to kind of bother and bore me but not much else. I know it’s likely to just go on forever so I might consider quitting soon.

archie8I picked up Archie #8 by Mark Waid and Veronica Fish. This series is still really great I’m looking forward to more.

jughead6I also got Jughead #6 by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson. This was the duo’s final issue together with Henderson leaving this issue and Zdarsky leaving after a few more. Can’t say I’m sad to see Henderson gone. I really enjoyed this issue though, and I got the beautiful Cliff Chiang cover too!

gvI got Goldie Vance #2 by Hope LarsonBrittney Williams, and Sarah Stern. I really hope this series gets extended past 4 issues because it’s amazing!

jonesy4I got Jonesy #4 by Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose Boyle. If ever there was a a series that did not need to be extended it would be this one. I thought this was the last issue but nope, it continues. I think it’ll be the last issue for me.

ac3Finally, I bought Another Castle #3 by Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau. This was another cute issue.


This month I received 1 book on NetGalley from Entangled Publishing.

tsouI received The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle. This is next up for me to read so you’ll be hearing all about it soon!


This month I received 7 books from Penguin Canada. I’ve got so many ARC lying around at home I’m thinking I might do an ARC giveaway sometime in the future.

jvThe first book I received was Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan. It sounds like an interesting read.

ladI got Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart. This one sounds right up my alley so hopefully I’ll get around to it.

rfedRocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar is being sold as similar to Twin Peaks which could be really awesome because when that show was good it was good.

tslThe Safest Lies by Megan Miranda sounds like it has the potential to be really good, but I’m not sure it’s exactly my genre.

atalsA Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison sounds like an interesting premise and sounds really cute too.

Math_9780553539479_jkt_all_r1.inddHow to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather sounds really interesting and I’ll probably try to fit it into my schedule soon.

aidFinally I received And I Darken by Kiersten White which doesn’t seem like something I’d really be interesting in.


This month I borrowed 1 book from my mom and 8 books from my boyfriend.

riseFrom my mom I borrowed Rise by Amanda Sun. I’m pretty fond of this series, my review of this particular installment is coming soon. I actually bought her the next book in the series for her birthday so I’ll have to borrow that one soon too.

 grayson19 grayson20

I borrowed Grayson #19 and #20 by Jackson LanzingCollin Kelly, and Roge Antonio from my boyfriend. I’m not super fond of the direction the end of the series was heading in, and I still have #20 to read so I’ll have to wait and see how I feel.

gotggmwI borrowed Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted by Mairghread ScottPaul Allor, Adam Archer, Joe Caramagna, Will Corona Pilgrim, and  Andrea Di Vito from my boyfriend as well. This was a pretty cute collection of stories. I honestly cannot find evidence that anyone else owns the same copy of this trade as him with this cover.

dcrI borrowed DC Universe Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns as well. I haven’t read it yet but I’m predisposed to hate it because with it comes the end to a lot of series that I love. I’m going to try my best to have an open mind while reading though.

 ww2 ww3 ww4

Finally I borrowed Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Challenge of the GodsWonder Woman Vol. 3: Beauty and the Beasts, and Wonder Woman Vol. 4: Destiny Calling by George Perez from my boyfriend. I finally read the first Perez trade which he lent me months ago and since then I’ve already read Vol. 2 that he’s just given me as well. This is a really good series.


Earlier in May it was Free Comic Book Day. A day that’s meant to showcase what’s available to new readers and try and attract some new blood into the reading pool…or something like that. I went to a couple local shops so that I could check out sales, and also pick up my free comics.

awakeThe first thing I got was Awake #0 by Susan Beneville and Brian Hess. This isn’t a series I’d ever heard of but I thought it looked cute. It was a cute story but I don’t know if it really got my interested enough to seek out more in the future.

cmfcbdsThe Camp Midnight Free Comic Book Day Special by Steven T. Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein on the other hand has me very interested in checking out the trade of Camp Midnight.

dcshgThe DC SuperHero Girls FCBD Special by Shea Fontana and Yancey Labat also did little to interest me. I know it’s more for younger girls but I would have hated this as a kid.

bbfcfdThe Bob’s Burgers FCBD Special by Brian HallJustin Hook, and Mike Olsen was all stuff I’d seen previously and can be read more about in one of my reviews of some trades of this series. I was not impressed.

larsLove and Rockets: Stories by Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez was just stories from throughout the history of this long running series. It didn’t hook me at all unfortunately.

scfcbdsThe Science Comics Free Comic Book Day Special by Jon Chad and Maris Wicks really restored my faith in the series after the dismal Dinosaurs book. I thought this was so adorable and I really want to read Wicks’ book especially now.

gronkFinally I got a comic from a previous year’s FCBD I believe. It was Gronk and Friends/Hero Cats FCBD Special by Katie Cook and Heather Breckel. I thought the Gronk story was cute but once again not enough to entice me.

Ramble on,

Have you read any of these books? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of them!
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