ARC Review: Hinges Book Two: Paper Tigers by Meredith McClaren

hinges2Title: Hinges Book Two: Paper Tigers

Author: Meredith McClaren

Release Date: February 9

Publisher: Image Comics

Source: Diamond Book Distributors on NetGalley  (A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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2 stars

An important character is introduced (Abernathy) and an important character is separated (Bauble). (Source: Goodreads)

In this continuation of the series Hinges some major developments occur. Bauble and Orio must flee the city when Bauble is discovered and the authorities realize he is not an Odd. Outside of the city they meet Abernathy and discover a group of paper tigers like those that attacked Orio and Bauble in the city.

I feel like I really enjoyed the first trade of this series a lot more than I enjoyed this trade. I must have been a lot more forgiving of the major storytelling issues in this series with the first trade, and this time I could not overlook them, no matter how beautiful the art is.

I think this series is something unique and exceptional. The concept is intriguing, and I really wish that I could actually follow the story enough to really grow to appreciate that in the way I think it ought to be. The problem is that the storytelling is just not there. Orio doesn’t really talk, so we rely almost entirely on the art to convey the story, and I don’t think the art does enough to convey what is happening. And in a world to unique as the one presented in Hinges I think more needs to be established, I don’t think it’s that easy to just read it and pick it up. This makes all other positives in the series fade into the background.

I found the relationship between Bauble and Orio really adorable, and the two make such a powerful and interesting set of protagonists. I think more could really be conveyed with the addition of some dialogue though. I also liked the introduction of Abernathy, who I’d love to learn a little more about.

The art is stylized and really incredible, I continue to think this series has beautiful art. However, the art just doesn’t convey motion as well as it should, and so quite a lot of the story just disappears because of that lack of clear movement and meaning between panels.

I hate to say it but I’m just disappointed and can’t recommend this series, no matter how much I would love to love it.

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