Review: Fairest Vol. 5: The Clamour for Glamour by Mark Buckingham and Bill Willingham

fairest5Title: Fairest Vol. 5: The Clamour for Glamour

Author: Mark Buckingham and Bill Willingham

Publisher: Vertigo

Source: Borrowed

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3 stars

In this new epic, refugees from Fabletown have returned to New York’s Castle Dark, and Reynard, now able to shapeshift from fox to man, travels the mundane world to regale the animals with tales of his exploits, rubbing the other Fables’ noses in his good fortune. Frustration at their restriction to the Farm threatens to become a issue once more! Can the animals find a way out of their situation? (Source: Goodreads)

The final volume of Fairest finishes up what Fables didn’t, summing up some of the stories of the Fables on the Farm. The story particularly focuses on Reynard and is told through the eyes of Mr. Sunflower, a Farm Fable who is jealous of Reynard, as the non-human Fables try to get glamours so they can move around in the mundy world instead of remaining stuck on the Farm. The final issue of the book leads into the standalone Fairest: In All the Land.

For a series closer this trade is extremely weak, for just a normal trade it was good but not great. I felt like the focus of the trade was a little off from the previous direction these stories were going with. I think the final issue of the series especially left a bad taste in my mouth and made me extremely disappointed with how they chose to end the whole series. The whole thing just felt kind of weak compared to what the previous Fairest stories had done.

The stories about Reynard and Mr. Sunflower were actually quite good. I liked that the focus was on the often ignored Farm Fables. I was especially fond of the storyline with Reynard meeting and falling in love with a mundy, I thought this was super cute and worked well to bridge the gap between the mundy and the Fables worlds. I just thought they didn’t work with the direction previously pursued and I didn’t like the final Goldilocks story either.

Overall not my favourite but it was an adequate story arch.

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