ARC Review: Shibainuko-san Vol. 1 by Uzu

siksTitle: Shibainuko-san Vol. 1

Author: Uzu

Release Date: September 1

Publisher: Takeshobo

Source: Takeshobo on NetGalley (A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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Unfortunately I couldn’t find a retailer selling this book. 😦

1 star

Adapted to TV Animation! A Dog in a girl’s sailor school uniform…!? “Don’t even think about it!” Shiba Inuko san is a 4- panel comic strip about an ordinary but fun school life of “Shiba Inuko san”, and her classmate Chako and Naporin. (Source: NetGalley)

Shibainuko-San is a mostly 4-panel comic strip about a middle school student who has a dog as a classmate. The strips are mostly repetitive stories about the girls doing regular school and middle school girl activities (sleepovers, festivals, etc.).

I did not enjoy this as all. While the premise of the book sounded very cute when I first encountered it I was disappointed to find that she story didn’t really explore what was going on with Inuko being a dog and attending school with all these human girls. The art style was cute, but mostly just your standard fare manga, there was nothing spectacular or interesting about it. The book is mostly in 4-panel strips but occasionally uses full page stories for some unexplained reason. The book also reads right to left on page but is printed left to right in the book, so it’s a weird combination of manga and graphic novel style printing.

My hope for this book was that it would follow Inuko and her schoolmates, while exploring why Inuko is a dog in school. Instead it really danced around the topic with most people being, somehow, completely unaware of Inuko being a dog. HOW?!?! Her name is literally DOG. I didn’t find the dancing around cute or humorous at all, I just found it irritating. To top off the irritating ignoring of the dog situation, the book just repeats the same plot points over and over and over. To the point that you can predict every word out of the characters mouths.

The art style was cute of course. Inuko was adorable, a cute little shiba inu if there ever was one. Sure. But it was not interesting, it didn’t capture my attention at all.

Then there’s the format of this book. It’s a mess. The book reads front to back, but is printed right to left. It doesn’t explain how to read it, so for a while I wasn’t sure if I was reading the stories in the right order. So while I was already annoyed by the poor writing and uninteresting story, the format just infuriated me beyond belief.

Overall, this was a hugely disappointing book. It make look cute but it’s not worth your time.

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