Review: Fables Vol. 21: Happily Ever After by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham

fablesTitle: Fables Vol. 21: Happily Ever After

Author: Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham

Publisher: Vertigo Comics

Source: Borrowed

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3 stars

In this penultimate volume of Bill Willingham’s FABLES, the residents of Fabletown look to live “happily ever after,” but there is a steep price to pay for happiness as Rose Red clashes with Snow White! (Source: Goodreads)

In the penultimate volume of Fables we see Rose and Snow heading into a war beyond their understanding, one controlled by destiny and fate and not by their own desires. The sisters will fulfill a curse that has plagued their family for years. At the same time Bigby returns under the spell of dark magic and begins a murderous rampage. Other stories are wrapped up in short comics spattered throughout the volume.

I honestly have no idea what was going on for a lot of this volume. Ever since the series was announced to be ending things seem to be going off the rails completely. There was some great art, including some guest art throughout, but the story was confusing and a little messy. I don’t like the direction things are heading in for the final issue.

The story in this volume was split between battles with Bigby and uncovering this destiny between Snow and Rose that had never even been hinted at before. Yes, let’s end the series by introducing more convoluted nonsense. There are a bunch of side plots that tie in but are largely ignorable and sometimes confusing. This volume continues the new tradition of murdering large numbers of characters in an attempt to tie up loose ends before the final issue. This felt like lazy writing to me and was super disappointing.

The art was awesome, it’s always awesome. There were all kind of interesting choices made, especially in the scenes where Rose learns about her family history. I also loved the guest art on all the side stories. I think the art was stellar but the story was just not good.

I love this series, I’m sad to see it coming to an end. I don’t like a lot of the decisions being made in these endings and I’m sort of disappointing. I will see this series out to the end though and hope things turn around in the final issue.

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