Review: Young Avengers Vol. 2: Alternative Culture by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Kate Brown

ya2Title: Young Avengers Vol. 2: Alternative Culture

Author: Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Kate Brown

Publisher: Marvel Now!

Source: Purchased

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4 stars

Ever wonder what the super hero equivalent of a terrible soul-sucking, talent-wasting temp job is? Wonder what Tommy (aka Speed) has been up to? Wonder why mutant David Alleyne (aka Prodigy) hasn’t been even in the background in any one of the eight thousand X-books? Discover answers herein! Then: existential horror turns cosmic horror as something emerges from the shadows of the past…and it seems that the Young Avengers have one more thing to worry about. The team races desperately across the multiverse in pursuit of their missing friend, but their road trip goes crazy as it reaches its destination. Because its destination is mainly excitement and heartbreak. Several Young Avengers decide what to do next. The question is, whether they stay Young Avengers! Plus: Are you ready for Mother’s Day? (Source: Goodreads)

This issue of Young Avengers introduces new characters Speed and Prodigy. When Speed, the brother of Wiccan, is abducted by a Patriot wannabe Prodigy seeks out the Young Avenger team to try and get him back. They trace Patriot across the multiverse only to reunite with Mother and Loki’s foe Leah. Things turn sour when heartbreak strikes and hard questions are asked of Loki, who still hasn’t gain the team’s total trust. Can the team survive their newest trials?

This series is so awesome! I absolutely loved this volume, which was as amazing as the first. The story got a whole lot more complicated in this volume, with new characters being introduced and tons of twists. I loved the ongoing interactions between the characters, who have really amazing chemistry. Also, the art was as fabulous as I remembered. I did have a little complaint about the art, but it’s nothing huge.

So, the story got a lot more complicated this time. There are new members, Speed and Prodigy, and Speed gets abducted. Then Prodigy joins the Young Avengers to try and get him back. While they’re out looking for him they go through the multiverse and encounter Leah, someone from Loki’s past, as well as Mother the main villain in this series. Then the “Demiurge” is introduced, which is what Wiccan becomes I guess in the future? He changes the future and past of all the multiverses. This idea is introduced and somewhat explained, but I assume it will be discussed further in the future. I am interested in seeing where everything winds up in the next volume (the last volume) but I have to admit, lots was introduced in this volume and it got a little confusing.

The characters were still awesome. The interactions between them really make this series as they have awesome chemistry. The romance between Wiccan and Hulkling is really sweet, if a little sad because of the fact that Hulkling fears he is just created to love Wiccan. Kate and Noh-Var’s relationship is still not a huge focus, and I think this is disappointing because I really thought they were adorable together. There’s one really exceptional part in this volume where they feature a series of Instagram posts by Loki and shows the interactions between the characters really well. It’s adorable. The relationship between Loki and Ms. America is really interesting and one of the funnier parts of the story. Overall they have fantastic chemistry all around.

The art was fantastic in this volume again. I think the one thing that kind of disappointed me was that style of the art seemed like maybe it should…change a little between multiverses? I know that the characters designs change, you see alternate versions, but it just felt like there should be more to sort of mark each dimension, maybe a change in colour palette at least. Anyway, that might just be me. And maybe it’s not exactly easy to do this and make the comic look streamlined? I don’t know. Still the art was great. There is also a really great variant Wolverine Through the Ages art in the back, which was really sweet and a nice little bonus for me.

This is definitely one of my favourite series that I’m reading, and I’ll be sad to finish it all up, but I have also bought Kate Bishop’s series so I’m looking forward to that. Highly recommend!

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