Review: Fairest Vol. 4: Of Mice and Men by Marc Andreyko and Shawn McManus

fairestTitle: Fairest Vol. 4: Of Mice and Men

Author: Marc Andreyko and Shawn McManus

Publisher: Vertigo

Source: Borrowed from brother

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4 stars

Cinderella returns in an all-new epic! After an assassination attempt on Snow White, Cind is called back into service to unravel an age-old conspiracy that dates back to that fateful midnight ball! Can Cind uncover the plot and prevent a massacre in Fabletown? (Source: Goodreads)

After a series of attacks by mice-men Cinderella is called in to investigate, after all her fable is full of mice. Cinderella pursues the Fairy Godmother who created the original mice-men only to get tangled up with some of the Indian Fables who have also met up with these mice-men. Who’s really behind the attacks? And how will it affect the oncoming war between Snow and Rose Red?

I really enjoyed this volume of Fairest, it was definitely a lot better than the previous volume. The story was really interesting, and tied in well with what’s happened in the most recent Fables. I loved the art, all the issues about Cinderella always have awesome art. It was a bit weird to have a Fairest entirely about Cinderella considering she had her own series before, but it fit well, it was a good transition considering the last volume was entirely about Indian Fables. This volume really just fits well into the whole of the Fables-verse and makes a good transition between Fairest and Fables.

The plot in this arc is really great. The assassin rats were really interesting, as was their backstory. I think it was interesting to get the insight into Cinderella’s backstory a little more as well. It was also great that this fit right into what’s happening in Fables and continues from where the story left off in Camelot. It also mixes in some of the older content from the Cinderella content. The movement of the story was easy to follow and really enjoyable, mixing flashbacks and ongoing events together smoothly.

This is another volume where there are lots of old characters being brought back into the game. The 3 Blind Mice, Fairy Godmother, and some of the other characters haven’t been heard from in a while, so it’s great to see them reintroduced as the series winds down. I think the development really branches off well from Camelot and fits into the story arc that’s happening there too, especially with Mrs. Spratt and Snow White. The characters are definitely well written.

I loved the art. As I said the issues of Fairest and Cinderella featuring Cinderella always have great art. The artists that work on this series always do awesome stuff with Cinderella and I really love it. The cover was a little disappointing to me compared to the last volume. The individual issues have great covers except really for the one used for the volume cover which is just bland. I think the character design in this was also pretty cool, especially Cinderella’s stepsister.

I really enjoyed this volume of the always awesome series Fairest. Check out FairestFablesCinderella, and all the other Fables-verse content. It’s great!

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