Stacking the Shelves (28)

logoThis week I’ll once again be taking part in Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. The idea of Stacking the Shelves is to talk about the books you’ve bought, borrowed, etc. and show off and talk about your purchases and borrows. This is basically the perfect feature for me because I buy way more books, and read way more books, than I’ll ever be able to review. I’ll most likely talk about the stores I bought the books at as well, especially if they’re independent stores.

This week I purchased 26 books and 1 boxset, and received 1 book on NetGalley. Check them out below!


So this week I made some pretty unexpected purchases, which means I got a lot of books. Luckily, most of my books came from the library sale that was going on all week in town. Of course at the sale I went for some pictures books because…who can pass up cheap picture books when they’re so expensive normally.

ngggThe first book I picked up at the library sale was The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman and Gris Grimly. I haven’t read any of Gaiman’s books for kids before so I was super excited to see this book at the sale, and I think the illustrations look pretty awesome. Then I got Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident by George McClements. This book sounds kind of adorable, because evil child genius! I’m definitely interested to see what this book is like.

jyqbI also got The Wild Washerwomen by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake. Blake’s illustrations immediately caught my eye when I was looking through the sale books, and I knew I had to grab this, if only to enjoy his illustrations. Next I found The Strongest Man in the World by Nicolas Debon. The art in this looks super adorable!

skI got The Hanukkah Mice by Steven Kroll and Michelle Shapiro and Mrs. Greenberg’s Messy Hanukkah by Linda Glaser and Nancy Cote. I’m always on the lookout for new Hanukkah books so I am looking forward to reading these!

dbeNext, Such a Prince by Dan Bar-el and John Manders. The art in this is great too!

Aside from kids books I also grabbed some YA books, I even found some stuff I’ve been looking for all over.

gfI got a hardcover copy of Just One Day (Just One Day #1) by Gayle Forman. I do already have a copy of this, but it’s a paperback so I’m excited to have a copy that matches my hardcover Just One Year. Then I grabbed Bitter Melon by Cara Chow. I’ve been trying to find this book for ages, and was so excited to find it at the sale. I also got The Accidental Genius of Weasel High by Rick Detorie. This is another book I’ve been trying to find for ages and was pleased to find.

jpI grabbed Sisters Red (Fairytale Retellings #1) by Jackson Pearce. Which was definitely on my TBR list at some point but has apparently been removed? Oh well, I definitely want to read this! Then I got House of Many Ways (Howl’s Moving Castle #3) by Diana Wynne Jones. This was maybe a bad idea because I don’t have the other books and haven’t read them, so now I’ll have to get those as well. I also grabbed Ever by Gail Carson Levine. I loved Levine’s Ella Enchanted so I’m curious to see what her other books are like.

I also grabbed some non-YA fiction at the sale as well.

mcFirst I got Queen of Babble (Queen of Babble #1) by Meg Cabot. I hadn’t actually heard of this before, but I loved The Princess Diaries so I figured I’d give Cabot’s non-YA stuff a try. Then I got Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby. I’ve read one other book by Hornby before so I figured I’d give this book a try.

I grabbed a lot of comics and graphic novels because there were a lot there that I’d been looking for, or that I thought I might like to read.

jmI grabbed Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner, LeUyen Pham, A.B. Sina, and Alex Puvilland. The art in this looks super adorable so I’m excited to read it. I also got Foiled (Foiled #1) by Jane Yolen and Mike Cavallaro. This looks amazing, and I have no idea how it didn’t wind up on my list before. I also grabbed Chiggers by Hope Larson. I’ve been trying to find this book for ages so I’m really excited that I found it.

jaThe other comics I got were The Other Side by Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart. I don’t know a lot about the Vietnam War, but I am interested in learning more. This comic has some background information which I will definitely be reading. Finally, I got How I Made it to Eighteen: A Mostly True Story by Tracy White. I had never heard of this before, but it seemed interesting so I decided to grab a copy of it.

I didn’t intend to buy any regular priced stuff this week but couldn’t avoid temptation.

vaThe book that made me give in was Red Queen (Red Queen Trilogy #1) by Victoria Aveyard. This book looks super interesting, I don’t know why I ignored all the hype up until this point. Another book that broke me down was My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga. What ultimately broke me down with this book? The cover which is super interesting.

kvaI also grabbed The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark. I’ve been wanting to get this for a while but we didn’t have any copies. I saw it at work this week and knew I needed to scoop it up before it disappeared. I got Cleopatra in Space #1: Target Practice by Mike Maihack. I got it because it looked adorable and  I really think that Cleopatra travelling to space sounds like it could turn out to be really interesting. Finally, I got Briar Rose by Jane Yolen. As always, literary representations of the Holocaust really interest me and I’m particularly interested in how it’s used as part of a fairy tale in this book.

I also ordered a boxset from Chapters because I got too curious about the book series.

ggI bought the Goddess Girls boxset containing the first four books: Athena the BravePersephone the PhonyAphrodite the Beauty, and Artemis the Brave by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams. This book series looks so adorable and definitely make me think back to when I read Myth-O-Mania which is another series I would love to re-read. I’d also love to read Holub’s Heroes in Training series.


This week I received 1 book on NetGalley.


This book doesn’t have a cover yet!

I received Supervision by Alison Stine from HarperCollins. This book has such an interesting concept so I’m looking forward to checking this book out.

Ramble on,

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