Review: Saga Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

saga4Title: Saga Volume 4

Author: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Publisher: Image Comics

Source: Gift from Christmas

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3 stars

Visit new planets, meet new adversaries and explore a very new direction, as Hazel becomes a toddler while her family struggles to stay on their feet.

Collects SAGA #19-24. (Source: Goodreads)

This latest volume of Saga follows the family to Gardenia where they have settled into life. Alana is working on TV, while the rest of the family takes care of Hazel who is now a toddler. The family faces a whole new set of enemies now, not those who would seek to kill them, but instead cause a whole other kind of harm to the family. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes when Prince Robot IV’s wife is killed.

I enjoyed this volume, but it was far from being my favourite. While the last volume lacked Alana and Marko this one was hugely focused on them, but it wasn’t good focus, it was bad, depressing focus. I just found the plot this time a little lacking. I also felt like the characters got kind of weird this time, and it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. The art, as always, was fantastic and stood out above all else.

The plot in this volume was pretty lacking. The whole thing just seemed kind of pointless and out of hand. It was mainly family drama and that was just sort of annoying, rather than interesting. I liked the other plots, the Robot Prince one about his family was interesting, and I am looking forward to how it turns out in the next volume. I also liked the part about everyone trying to save The Will. I love that Sophie has also gotten older and has more agency in the story. I think these were really the standouts compared to the ridiculous family drama in the main plot.

I think the characters were a little off in this volume. Alana got super weird. She gets into drug use with her co-workers, which was just annoying to me. Especially when she accuses Marko of cheating on her when she’s been high around Hazel. The whole thing was just kind of ridiculous and didn’t feel fitting. I liked seeing Hazel and Sophie grown-up. I didn’t like any of the new characters, but was glad to see Ghüs back again, because he’s adorable.

I loved the art in this volume. When Alana is high for the first time the art was just incredible. Do yourself a favour, read this series, and then oggle that page for several minutes and experience Fiona Staples amazing art. I think the thing that really redeemed what was a pretty bad volume was the last section when Marko and Prince Robot IV apparently team up to save their families. First of all, how awesome is that. But also, the art on that last page was gorgeous. It is so good to see the movement away from the Gardenia nonsense. It gives me hope for the next volume.

I did enjoy this, mostly for the art, and am looking forward to the next volume. This series is definitely worth reading, so check it out!

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