ARC Review: Judas: The Last Days by W. Maxwell Prince and John Amor

judasTitle: Judas: The Last Days

Author: W. Maxwell Prince and John Amor

Release Date: February 3

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Source: Diamond Book Distributors on NetGalley (A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.)

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3 stars

Two thousand years after he betrayed Messiah, Judas Iscariot is still alive, wandering a world he doesn’t recognize. It’s a world where the strangest of fictions have come true: monsters, immortals, gnome-librarians who monitor human history – they’re all real. And all Judas wants to do is kill himself. So why can’t he? The most transgressive (and transcendent) story of the year begins in this all-new, original graphic novel chronicling history’s preeminent backstabber and his quest for suicide. Featuring Matthew the Cross-dressing Apostle and his Harem Peculiar! (Source: Goodreads)

Present day, Judas Iscariot roams the Earth in search for an end, to his life, to his suffering, and to her search. He and the other apostles have been made immortal and sit in waiting for Jesus to return so that they can serve him once more. Unfortunately, this isn’t working out and most of the apostles have succummed to sin and the underbelly of society, each searching for an escape from the eternal damnation of immortality.

I was a little hesitant about this on, I wasn’t sure based on the description if the content would be good. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I think the description doesn’t really do the content justice, because it just makes it seem kind of…bleh. The story is a lot more complex with connecting past events of Judas’s long life and the lives of other apostles. The story was complex, a little confusing at times, but also very interesting! I think the content was interesting painting a somewhat bleak picture of the world but ending on a, little, less bleak note.

The representation of the apostles was really interesting. It was interesting to see Judas as not a bad person but as playing into a larger plot to create a bigger/greater version of Jesus. His betrayal made Jesus more powerful but also helped to create importance in the Jesus story. This was really interesting, especially because it doesn’t completely forgive Judas, only presents more dimensions to him overall as a character. The other apostles are interesting as well as they’ve all sort of descended into sin, Matthew runs a brothel and James is a drug addict. These imperfect beings who were the apostles of Jesus are really interesting.

I think the plot was interesting. It got really complicated, which is why my rating isn’t super high, but the idea of the apostles as immortal, waiting for Jesus, falling to sin, and then Judas being unable to face life anymore was cool. Then it got more complicated as they look for a way to end his life. There are also these men who record history, they’re basically the ones who wrote the Bible, and that was a cool concept…kind of reminded me of the literals in Fables. This all got more and more complicated, can’t say much because of spoilers, but it got kind of confusing sometimes. I think it mostly cleared up at some point, but it made the story a little harder to enjoy.

The art in this comic definitely makes it. The art style reminded me of Fables, some of the character design was sort of similar too. Judas was a little like Bigby to me, which is definitely a plus. The colours worked really well with different palettes for different portions of the story. I loved the backgrounds and setting illustrations in the comic they were well detailed and well drawn. I really loved the art in this.

I would recommend this comic book, it definitely has elements that fans of Fables might like. I enjoyed it, it wasn’t exactly my favourite comic I’ve ever read but it was well written and illustrated.

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